We love to help.

We love to help.

Can I be charged for damage, cleaning or other expenses after my stay?

For your stay booking, please be aware that you may be charged for damaged or lost property, or if extra cleaning is required, after your trip ends. 

If you cause any damage during your stay, fail to leave the stay in good condition as requested by the host’s check-out instructions (resulting in additional cleaning costs for the host), or remove items from the property, your host can request reimbursement for the incurred expenses. 

The following reimbursement process applies only to Stay bookings, and not RV bookings.

How will additional charges be handled after your booking?

In the rare event that your host believes there might be some damage, missing items, or extra cleaning costs involved, they may initiate a reimbursement request with our dedicated Outdoorsy Resolutions Team.

Rest assured, our team’s primary goal is to ensure fairness and reasonability. They’ll carefully assess the situation by reviewing the information provided by your Host, as well as any comments you might have added when responding to your host’s initial reimbursement request. Additionally, they may reach out to you or anyone else who can shed light on the situation.

After this investigation, the Resolutions Team will contact you if the charges are deemed legitimate. You’ll be given a full 48 hours to respond. If you’re in agreement with the charges or choose not to respond, your payment method will be charged accordingly, with the funds going directly to your host, and the reimbursement request will be promptly closed.

However, if you have concerns or wish to negotiate a partial payment, you can decline the request. In such cases, our Resolutions Team will step in to facilitate a fair and amicable resolution between you and your host.

Follow these tips to avoid additional charges after your Outdoorsy Stay is over

To avoid or mitigate extra charges after your stay, follow these best practices:

  • Leave your Stay neat and tidy: Familiarize yourself with the checkout instructions and house rules provided by your host when you check in. Understand what’s expected when you leave, like taking out the garbage or loading the dishwasher. If you’ve moved furniture, put it back where it was at check-in. Essentially, aim to leave the place as you found it—neat and tidy, but no one is expecting a spotless Stay.
  • Foster open communication: If you accidentally break dishes, damage the property, or can’t meet the cleaning standards due to time constraints, reach out to your host through the Outdoorsy messages immediately. Being transparent about any mishaps allows your host to address and resolve issues before their next guest arrives. It’s all about open communication and consideration.

Do I have liability coverage during my Outdoorsy Stay?

Yes, the Protection Package for Stays provides you with bodily injury protection, which includes:

  • Up to $1M in liability coverage
  • Free 24/7 customer support
  • $5,000 deductible

For more information please refer to our Protection Packages for Stays article.