We love to help.

We love to help.

I have questions about trip protection. Where can I learn more?

When looking forward to your vacation the last thing you want to do is think about something going wrong. Still, even the best-planned trips can be impacted by an unexpected illness, road closure, traffic accident, medical emergency, adverse weather, natural disaster, delayed flights, and more. These troubles can occur when least expected, forcing you to cancel or interrupt your travel arrangements, lose your non-refundable vacation costs, and incur unplanned expenses.

Trip protection from International Medical Group (IMG) is specifically designed to help protect you and your travel party from specific covered events that can impact your travel arrangements. Key features include:

  • Trip cancellation and trip interruption coverages for a variety of unforeseen circumstances, including road closures, sickness, and injury
  • Travel delay and baggage delay coverages
  • Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions is available provided certain requirements are met
  • 24 / 7 / 365 emergency assistance and concierge services

All trip protection plans come with a free look—take 10 days to review your plan and decide if it’s right for you. If you wish to cancel your plan within 10 days of purchase and have not yet left on your trip or filed a claim, you can do so and receive a full refund of your plan cost.

Anticipating the unexpected and covering it with trip protection can help protect you and your traveling companions from surprise expenses. To learn more about trip protection, reach out to IMG toll-free at 866-243-7524.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need trip protection?

We highly recommend purchasing trip protection. It offers you coverage if you have to cancel or interrupt your trip due to a number of covered reasons and would otherwise lose your prepaid RV rental reservation and other costs.

When can I buy trip protection?

Trip protection is offered when you make your reservation and can be purchased up until final payment.

Who’s covered under trip protection?

Everyone staying in the RV during the reservation. Note that some coverages are subject to policy maximums.

What if I need to cancel my trip protection plan?

If you purchase this plan and are not satisfied within 10 days of receipt, contact Outdoorsy to cancel. If you haven’t already left on your trip or filed a claim, you will receive a complete refund of your plan cost.

If I buy trip protection today, when does coverage begin?

Trip cancellation coverage begins at 12:01 A.M. on the day after you purchase your plan. All other coverages begin when you depart on your trip.

What is trip cancellation coverage?

Many owners aren’t able to refund all of your prepaid payments and deposits if you have to cancel your reservation, especially as your trip’s departure date gets closer. In some cases, your entire reservation may be non-refundable. If you are prevented from taking your trip for a covered reason, a trip protection plan can reimburse up to 100% of your non-refundable payments or deposits for your RV rental which would be lost if you canceled your reservation.

What is a covered event?

Protection plans cannot cover all events that might cause you to cancel or interrupt your plans. Those events which are covered are listed in your Description of Coverage or Policy.

What are some of the covered events?

Some examples of unforeseen covered reasons for trip cancellation or trip interruption include sickness, injury, or death of you, a family member or traveling companion; school year extensions; interruption of road service; a documented traffic accident en route to your destination; interruption of water or other essential services at your destination; mandatory evacuation at your destination; your personal home made uninhabitable by hurricane or other natural disaster; flight delays due to bad weather; involuntary termination of employment; and more. Additional terms and conditions apply, review a sample Description of Coverage/Policy for full details.

I have coverage questions. Whom should I ask?

Call International Medical Group (IMG) toll-free at 866-243-7524.

How do I file a claim?

Start your claim online at imglobal.com/claims-center

Then, send supporting documentation by email or mail:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mail:
    IMG iTravelInsured Claims
    P.O. Box 3231
    Farmington Hills, MI 48333-3231

A dedicated team member will process your claim from start to finish and will reach out to you if they have any questions or if additional information is needed.

What if I have a plan from Generali Global Assistance?

You may have a trip protection plan from Generali if you purchased it before March 31, 2022. If so, call 866-409-7435 for assistance.