Custom Coachmen Leprechaun

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Nicole W.

0September 2019

Rob Lykins canceled the booking 6 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

David S.

5July 2019

Fantastic family trip!! Rob and Brooke were great communicators and the RV is in especially good shape for its age. No problems at all - we did 1300 miles and made some unforgettable memories! Highly recommend!

Lily T.

5June 2019

Most amazing experience!! Will definitely do it again!!

Andrew W.

5June 2019

I'm really glad we chose to book Rob's RV. This was our first time using Outdoorsy and the process was very easy. We primarily used it as an extra bedroom at my sister's house in Laguna but still managed to take it to a local campsite for a night to give my 4yr old daughter her first camping experience. What a great trip! This is RV is a classic and turns heads with it's awesome paint job... I loved driving it and you will too.

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Josh R.

5May 2019

Awesome RV for any trip... we took it up the California Coast on HWY1, from LA to Monterey. Had a family of four and a dog.

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Cristian A.

5May 2019

You'll definitely be turning heads on the open road. The RV is nicer in person and it was everything we expected it to be and more. Rob was helpful and made the whole process smooth and easy. We will probably be renting this RV again in the future.

Rie L.

5May 2019

We had the greatest trip traveling California in Robs Rv. We were 4 adults and a baby and it still felt like we had plenty of space. The car was reliable despite its age and we had to fix a few things on the way, but all that we kind of expected when we went on such a long trip and it was no problem at all. Rob and his wife are very nice people and we would definitely recommend you to rent their car.

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Whittney I.

5April 2019

Incredible! My wife, son (8), dog (60lbs) and myself for so comfortably in this RV! We each had our own space and all the amentities we could ever need. We literally only needed to bring food/toiletries. They had all of our basics (and then some) covered. The decor was amazing and so homey. I literally felt like this was home on wheels. Driving it truly slowed down our pace so that we could enjoy the PCH. Perfect rental process and vacation! Thank you Rob! We’ll be back!!!

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Rebecca P.

5March 2019

Easy Rental. Rob is quick to respond. Before, during, and after. RV is as described and has had lots of TLC to keep it running great and looking good. Heater kept us warm at night in cold temperatures.

Corey S.

5December 2018

What a fun trip for my wife, pup and me! Rob was great to communicate with leading up to the trip and throughout the trip. He was very fast in answering any questions we had and very very helpful.

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Silvana C.

5December 2018

Everything was perfect! Size, decoration, bed, restroom, even came with some games, outdoor chairs and little lights for decoration. We didnt have to spend in anything else except for food and gas.

Hideki K.

2November 2018

Rob and his family are very sweet, nice and helpful. However, I had 3 issues with the RV that I need to address for my reviews. Though this car is nearly 30 years old, the interior was nice and clean. I thought it was a good value for the price I paid. I went to my friend's house in Tehachapi on Thanksgiving weekend with my family with 2 young kids. Driving on the freeway to there, I heard a big noise from the back of the car. I thought something hit the car or my kids felled down from the car seat or something. It was a scary moment. It happened to be a fire extinguisher felled off from the wall. It was a heavy one that made a big noise. The screws to the wall were too loose that it came off by driving vibrations. Thank god it didn't hit my kids, but it was a bad start. My kids got scared. Ok, that was the first incident. Then the next day, we woke up in the car finding the floor being wet. We were like what happened? Kids spilled some water? But no, it was leaking from the ceiling. We had some rain in Tehachapi, not a major rain but sizzling for a long time. It came from the rooftop. We found 3 spots leaking water and needed to use the cooking pans to receive drippings, and that was even dripping on the main bed area. Ok, things are getting worse. But the 3rd incident was the worst. As my son was getting off from the top roof bed, he slipped off his leg to the back of the driving seat and started crying. We were like what happened? then saw a big cut on his foot, bleeding. We got panicked! Went into my friend's house and treated with whatever they had there. Since it was a Thanksgiving weekend and it was in the mountain, we didn't go to the urgent care that was far away from my friend's area. After the trip, we went to see our Dr. in UCLA and found out that it needed to stitch. The cut was about 3 inches. I think the cut was caused by the long sticks that are poking from the back of the driving seat. It was unfortunate that my son just slipped off to that spot, and since he was on the roof bed, he was barefoot. I reported all these incidents to Rob. My wife got so upset about all this and demanded the full refund. I thought it was not fair for requesting for a full refund, at least I enjoyed the rest of the trip despite all these, so I requested a partial refund. Rob told me that the Outdoorsy platform cannot make a partial refund, he offered us a 2-night credit for the next use. I am ok with that, I think if Rob fixes all these issues, I would use it again. However, my wife is pretty adamant about not using it again. So I may have to use that credit for my solo trip, if it ever happens.

Sue D.

5September 2018

I rented the RV to stay while my house was fumigated- much easier and less expensive than a hotel and boarding kennel! Rob was exceptionally accommodating, the rental was so convenient!!

Markkevin S.

5July 2018

Went RV camping to South Rim Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell, and antelope canyon! Overall great RV Camp experience—Rob was helpful before, during, and after the trip. All questions were throughly answered and explained. He was also super helpful when we forgot a few of our items in the RV!

Robin l.

4July 2018

Me, my sister, and her family had a wonderful time using Rob's RV. It was my first time driving an RV and although it was a BIG RV for us women we did great! The RV was beautiful and so cute! Great job in restoring this vintage RV and it ran great! Rob answered questions while we were on our trip, he accommodated all of our special requests, which made our trip stressless! ALL the beds are extremely comfortable! I am looking forward to another trip with my husband! Thank you to Rob and his wife Brooke!!

jason F.

5June 2018

We had an amazing trip down the cost of Southern California for my daughters 15th Birthday . The RV is simple, clean, comfortable and runs great!
Its a great value for the price and I would definitely rent this RV again for future trips.