10 Up-and-Coming Brands Every Outdoorsy Person Should Know About

Chelsea GonzalesSeptember 27, 2023

10 Up-and-Coming Brands Every Outdoorsy Person Should Know About

Going outside is always going to be an amazing time, no matter what kind of gear you might have (or not have). That said, there are definitely some items that can make outdoor adventures more enjoyable. This gear is even better if you can find a brand that provides high-quality items and has a company mission you can stand behind. 

The good news? There are tons of new outdoor gear brands out there, and many of these do a wonderful job of offering all of the above. In this article, we will discuss our top 10 favorite up-and-coming brands that are providing outdoor enthusiasts like you and me with the items we want and need. 

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FarPointe Outdoor Gear

Mountain climber
Image source: FarPointe Outdoor Gear

First up: FarPointe Outdoor Gear. This is an outdoor apparel brand that makes all of its products in-house. The result? Incredible clothing pieces that have been thoughtfully designed and carefully created to stand up to the rigors of your adventures. The company was founded by Thru-Hikers, and each design is tested so you can rest easy knowing you’re investing in quality pieces. 

Because FarPointe’s clothes are made by hand in small batches, they can actually customize the perfect-fitting set of hiking clothes for the environment you’ll be exploring. Additionally, because each item is so carefully made, you are likely to be able to use your FarPointe gear for years, reducing your ecological footprint.

Some of our favorite products offered by FarPointe include the Sun Cruiser pullover and their super comfy Alpha Direct Camp Pants. Both are soft, comfortable, and high quality, just like pretty much everything else the company offers. 


Halfdays apparel
Image source: Halfdays

Next on our list is Halfdays. This company is run by women, for women. They focus on creating high-quality ski wear that is both fashionable and functional. On top of that, their products are all made from recycled materials, making them some of the most earth-friendly products on the market. 

Halfdays has everything from base layers to snow gear in a wide variety of colors to suit every taste. We especially love their packable puffer jackets, which can be folded down to easily fit into a backpack but provide plenty of cozy warmth when worn. 

One of the coolest things about Halfdays? The awesome community they have built for active, outdoorsy women to connect with one another. There is a Halfdays Slack channel where you can meet others online, and the brand hosts events throughout the year for those who want to meet up IRL. 


Women on a hiking trail
Image source: Hikerkind

Similar to Halfdays, Hikerkind is also run by women, for women. However, while Halfdays is most focused on ski gear, Hikerkind focuses on hiking apparel and gear. We love the simple yet functional designs put out by this company, and we feel they do an excellent job of allowing us to feel confident in how we look while also serving their purpose well. 

This company starts with carefully chosen materials. Only recycled synthetic materials and natural fibers are used, and utility and comfort are both considered in the process of choosing which materials to use. You’ll find moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, and stretchy fabrics in the Hikerkind lineup, each doing an important and carefully-thought-out job. 

Like Halfdays, Hikerkind also has their own community of outdoor-loving women. Join one of their Hike Club meetups across the country, or head to the shop’s storefront in NYC to meet hiking women you’re sure to connect with. 

Thesus Outdoors

Hiking boots and jeans
Image source: Thesus Outdoors

Don’t forget your feet! Thesus Outdoors (formerly known as Alice + Whittles) has those lower digits covered with a wide variety of amazing footwear designed to help you enjoy the great outdoors while protecting your feet. 

The boots and shoes made by Thesus Outdoors are designed from natural and recycled materials. Amazingly, each pair of shoes conserves around 10L of water and reduces the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere by 20kg when compared to traditional boots. To top it off, these boots reduce the amount of waste that makes its way into our waterways and landfills. 

Besides being sustainable, the shoes made by this company are also incredibly comfortable and durable. There are all-weather hiking boots, snow boots, rain boots, and more available through Thersus, and every pair perfectly serves its purpose while also looking 100% trendy. 

The Get Out

The Get Out tents
Image source: The Get Out

Fashionable clothes are great, but what about the rest of your outdoor gear? The Get Out can help out! With everything from tents and sleeping bags to tableware and accessories, this design-driven brand has a little bit of everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors, and every single item is colorful and cute as well as durable and functional. 

The goal of The Get Out is to create outdoor gear that stands out from the rest. These items look just as good in your backyard as they do at a campsite, and they’re so fun you may not want to put them away. Fortunately, because they are so well made, you don’t have to put them away because they are made to last!

Some of our favorite items offered by this brand are their tents. These are absolutely adorable, and because the company is run by the same folks who own and operate The Shelter Co, you can buy with confidence, knowing these people know tents. 

Athletic Brewing Co

Image source: Athletic Brewing Co

A delicious, non-alcoholic beer made specifically for active people? Yes please! Athletic Brewing Co is the place to go for just that. This company is committed to putting out great tasting, non-alcoholic beer that you can enjoy on the trail, at your campsite, on the beach, or anywhere else you may be. This beer is so great that it’s won awards, even beating out full-strength beers.

On top of offering an amazing product, Athletic Brewing Co. is also an amazing company with excellent values. They are dedicated to their customers of course, but also to the earth. That’s why they became a Certified B Corporation, meaning they meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance. On top of that, the company gives back up to $2 million annually to Two For The Trails, an organization that helps maintain and clean up trails and parks. 

Beer may not seem like an outdoor adventure must-have right now, but once you taste the beer from Athletic Brewing, you might just change your mind about that. 

Bandits Bandanas

Image source: Bandits Bandanas

Bandanas are one of the most versatile pieces of gear you can carry while exploring the great outdoors. They can be used to hold hair back, keep dust out of your nose, or clean up messes. The best part? Bandanas can also be a great way to express your personal style. This is where Bandits Bandanas comes into play.

Another company that is committed to sustainability, Bandits Bandanas creates amazing, colorful bandanas that feature exclusive artwork and are made using 100% sustainably sourced organic cotton. To make a good thing even better, for every bandana the company sells, they give back 10% to charity.

Designs feature gorgeous plants and animals, beautiful landscapes, culturally inspired pieces, and more. There are even smaller bandanas for the younger explorers out there!

Canu Canteen

Image source: Canu Canteen

Water is essential for life, and you will definitely want to make sure you have water with you wherever you wander. For this, we recommend the Canu Canteen

The Canu Canteen is modeled off of the classic canteen. The flat design is ideal for carrying as you hike and adventure, and the carefully designed insulated case that comes along with it allows you to easily keep it close at all times while also keeping your beverage cold. There is only one version of the Canu Canteen, and the design is quite simple. However, this simplicity is what makes it work so well. 

Another thing we love about Canu Canteen is the fact that the company is focused on making an eco-friendly product. The rope used to make the carrying handle is created using reclaimed climbing rope that would otherwise be garbage. Meanwhile, the case is created with the world’s only Forest Stewardship-certified neoprene. The bottle itself is BPS-free polypropylene that will last a lifetime, meaning you should never need to buy another canteen. 

Apex Giant

Image source: Apex Giant

The perfect place to pick up lightweight backpacking gear for those long treks into the wilderness, Apex Giant is an up-and-coming company that is well worth checking out. 

This company has one very simple goal: to create high-quality, American-made aluminum and titanium outdoor recreational products. We feel they’ve definitely met that goal and we highly recommend their products. 

From lightweight foldable grills and coffee gear that is perfect for backpacking to simple things like combs and digging trowels, Apex Giant offers a little bit of everything. Each product is well-thought-out and well-made with a lifetime warranty. This is perfect for us outdoorsy people who tend to be rough on our gear and want products that will last. 

Virga Packing Company

Image source: Virga Packing Company

Last but not least, we must mention Virga Packing Company. If you’re looking for an amazing thru-hike pack, this is the place you should go. The company doesn’t offer a ton of products, but their Cliffrose 55L backpack is the bee’s knees, in our opinion. 

The pack weighs only about two pounds but it can carry 40 lbs comfortably, or up to 50 lbs for short distances. It features a double-layered bottom so it can stand up to intense use, and the tubular aluminum full box frame makes it easy to haul your load. We love that the bag is designed so it leans in toward your body, helping you maintain your center of balance without compromising your posture, and the hanging hip belt and articulating shoulder strap design contribute to comfort as well. 

In addition to their awesome backpack, Virga Packing Company also offers high-quality accessories such as the shoulder strap pocket and FlatBar pack stays for those who may want some malleability in their stays.

As you can see, there are all sorts of amazing up-and-coming outdoor gear brands out there, and believe it or not, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Why not order from some of these companies before your next adventure and see what you think about where outdoor gear is headed? We certainly think it’s going places, and it can help you do the same!

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