The 10 Best Off-Road Camping Trailers of 2022

Meagan ButlerOctober 23, 2022

The 10 Best Off-Road Camping Trailers of 2022

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If you choose to boondock in remote locations within dispersed camping areas, there is a good chance you will stretch your off-road driving capabilities to the max. Perhaps you want to do some Overlanding — a self-reliant way to explore isolated areas by vehicle — and in that case, you might want a more rugged, off-road RV or tent trailer to take you to the best boondock camping locations. 

What’s an Off-Road Camping Trailer? 

Camping trailers, rugged RVs, off-road camper trailers, and other overland-equipped vehicles are usually made with durable materials, raised suspensions, and beefy off-road tires. The off-road upgrades make it easier for adventurous campers to take their rig to remote locations that might require rock crawling, water fording, or mudding to cross over the rugged terrain. Since it’s not always possible to get a travel trailer or motorhome to more desolate areas, off-road camping trailers, or versions of the off-road camper, make it possible to traverse unforgiving landscapes to find peace in the places few people travel. 

Boondocking and Overlanding: Camping in Comfort

Overlanding and camping off-the-grid might sound like camping with little more than a single-burner propane stove and a sleeping bag, but Overlanding, or boondocking in an off-road camping trailer, is anything but primitive. The modern off-road enabled campers might lack the luxurious wood floors and full-sized bathrooms that come inside most motorhomes, but that doesn’t mean that these robust-camper trailers aren’t outfitted with amenities. Many of these off-road campers come with top-of-the-line lithium-ion batteries, hard-sided and solar-enabled coolers, and solar charging stations, making it not only easy, but also comfortable to boondock for days on end. 

Did we pique your interest? Check out our list of the ten best off-roading camping trailers of 2022. We know once you read about these off-road enabled trailers, it will be a matter of time before you rent one of these awesome rigs to see why boondocking and Overlanding is the next big thing in RV camping.

The Top-Ten Off-Road Tent Trailers and Off-Road Camping Trailers of 2022

Airstream Basecamp X 

Airstream Basecamp X off-road camping trailer
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The Airstream Basecamp X is the Basecamp’s beefy big sister. The Basecamp X has a lifted suspension, larger off-road tires, rock guards, and roof-top solar panels, making this little luxury Airstream the perfect off-road camper to rough it in the wilderness without really roughing it at all. The rear hatch and the convertible bed help outdoor lovers tote mountain bikes, kayaks, and other outdoor gear to the most secluded recreation areas. The best part? Even the softest of campers won’t complain about roughing it with amenities like a wet-bath, propane heater, and heated tanks for your wintertime boondocking adventures.

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Taxa Outdoors Cricket Overland

Taxa Cricket best off-road camping trailer 2022
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The Overland version of Taxa’s Cricket is a rougher, off-the-grid rig made especially for traversing dirt roads and rocky waypoints. The reinforced frame, raised ground clearance, and axle-less suspension adds to the already lightweight and durable trailer equipped with many of the comforts campers want like a pop-up, tent-side roof, and a hanging kid’s berth.  

Opus Camper OP-4

Opus off-road camping trailer
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The OP-4 is an off-road tent trailer made to explore the parts unknown. Opus describes its OP-4 as a tent trailer created with tough luxury in mind. The amenities, such as a 40-gallon on-board water tank, as well as the air-inflated 8-foot ceilings with skylights, add to the quick deployment of the camper trailer and the raised suspension and off-road tires that make it easy to sleep under the stars practically anywhere.

Bruder EXP-6

Bruder EXP-6 is one of the best off-road camping trailers of 2022
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This bad mama jama packs a serious punch. It’s not cheap – starting at $140,000, but that’s because you could take this rig virtually anywhere and still have tech features like auto-levelling, long battery life, and a space-age suspension system. It also comes preloaded with 800 watts of solar and a 600 amp battery pack that’ll keep the on-board, cutting-edge tech powered up for the long haul.

Smittybilt Scout Trailer Kit

Smittybilt one of the best off-road camping trailers 2022
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Maybe you have all of the Overlanding gear you need to get outside and explore, but you want a more convenient way to manage all of your equipment. The Smittybilt Scout Trailer Kit helps outfit your off-road camper in minutes. The trailer’s high ground clearance and 1765-pound hauling capacity allow Overlanders to get to the places they want to go as well as set up camp quickly. Just add your roof-top tent, like the Thule rooftop tent, and you are as good as comfortable and decked-out.  

Boreas Campers Boreas-XT Camper Trailer

Boreas off-road camping trailer, one of the best off-road campers of 2022
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Do you live in a place where you might traverse anything from rock and mud to ice and sand all in one weekend? The Boreas XT Camper Trailer, made with a composite fiberglass exterior, will get you where you need to go no matter the condition of the road. The camper trailer has a lifted axle-less suspension, all-weather tires, and a full-sized spare tire (for those just-in-case moments). Inside, the queen-sized, memory-foam bed, and all-weather fan make it easy to forget that you are off the grid.

Black Series Off-Road Camping Trailers

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Black Series has taken the off-road camper world by storm with these feature-packed off-road trailers that’ll get you deep into parts unknown. Many models feature things like pop tops for extra height, wet or dry baths, and outdoor kitchens. Black Series off-road camping trailers also pack in cutting-edge tech with things like built-in solar and touchscreen control panels.

Blue Ridge Expedition Trailers BRX1 

Blue Ridge X off-road camping trailer one of the best off-road camping trailers of 2022
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Blue Ridge Trailers calls its heavy-duty, axle-less BRX1, “…A teardrop camper on steroids.” Why? This off-road travel trailer comes with an upgraded cabin and galley, made with custom cabinetry in the cabin and stainless steel countertops in the galley. The rugged features, like the lifted suspension, off-road tires, and the expedition gearbox amp up this teardrop trailer, making it the perfect little rig for a campground or an off-road excursion.

North America Conqueror UEV-310 Extreme

North America Conqueror UEV 310 off-road camping trailer
Image Source:

Get your gear ready to go off the grid. The UEV (Urban Escape Vehicle) is lightweight and compact and has over 70 cubic feet of lockable storage space and a 23-gallon low-center gravity water tank. The off-grid camper sleeps up to four people and offers amenities like an on-demand water heater or a portable chemical toilet. 

Hive EX

Hive EX off-road camping trailer is one of the best off-road camping trailers of 2022.
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Don’t let the teardrop size fool you. These transformer-style rigs unpack to reveal spacious sleeping quarters, outdoor kitchens, pantries, rooftop storage, and more. This compatible package is very off-road worthy and can get you basically anywhere you can tow one.

Off-the-Grid & Off-the-Road

Looking to head off the grid? We don’t blame you! These ten trailers are perfect for off-road adventurers and boondockers. Want to try one out? Check out Outdoorsy off-road trailer rentals, and let the adventure begin!

Meagan Butler is a freelance creative content writer and editor and an advocate for solo female RVing. Meg is based out of the Denver area and travels in her Airstream Basecamp with her two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Teddy and Pippa. When she's not adventuring, she's spending time with her husband and writing for her RV blog, Her Fine Mess.

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